Monday, January 7, 2013

A Really, Really Good Freebie and a Full-length Novel As Well! Who Would've Thunk It?

Brains before Beauty, that's Rachel Newberry's motto, especially when her quiet, orderly life is interrupted by international rock star, Jaydon Hawke. And true to her word, brains take center stage when she discovers Hawke has a lot more on his mind than beautiful music. Targeted by a madman, Rachel puts her trust in Hawke, a move that may cost both their lives.

I seriously doubt that there are any of us who don't roam the book sellers and publishers for good free reads.  Most are short stories--some are so short I don't even think of them as short stories.  Miniscule snippets seems a better description to me.  Yet once in a while there comes a long a really good book, not often, mind you.   I always feel like I am really getting a treasure when I find one of those and especially when it is a full length novel.  

Mia Dymond is a new author for me, and I have to admit that I found this book on Amazon and the description and reviews sounding intriguing.  So I downloaded it thinking it could be a clunker and if so, I can always delete it.  Well, as it turns out, it was anything but a clunker, and it turned out to be a book that was vastly more entertaining than expected.

It is also the beginning of a very good four-book series, one that I ended up buying and which turned out to be as engaging as this first book.  Each of the guys who are the heroes are former special ops/SEALs and each is powerful, formidable in their abilities and mental strengths, and of course they are all gorgeous sexy alpha males.  This first book introduces us to a man who has the entertainment world by the tail, has women coming out of his ears as fans, and yet he has a whole different personna, a hidden life that doesn't come out until the reader is well into the book.  It's all good stuff and the kind of ingredients, the kind of story that makes for a novel that grabs one's imagination and just doesn't let go.  Add in the fact that it was a "gift" and you just can't not like it.

It was released late in 2011 so it isn't all that old.  The subsequent books in the series all feature individuals first encountered in this first book and the following stories keep the reader "up" on the ensuing activities of all the characters.  It's a great piece of writing and it mixes some suspense, some romance, so very hot loving, and some undercover stuff all together and makes it a novel that is never very quiet.  It's intense and entertaining and turns out to be the kind of book I really like.  So I hope you will investigate this author and maybe even download this book.  It's really worth it and would still be a "keeper" even if it had cost anything.  Enjoy!

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