Monday, May 20, 2013

Follow-up on Mommy's Day -- The Special Women in my Life

Yet, that's right!  They're my three daughters and there has never been a mom that is more proud of these very special women.  I can't believe, as I look back over my life, that I was so blessed to have them in my heart and to fill my days.  Even in the years since they have begun following their own paths, our relationship has broadened and deepened and is a factor that keeps my heart filled with a sense of joy and pleasure just thinking about them.

I guess Mother's Day brings so many of these thoughts to the fore, and it humbles me to know that the Powers Beyond deigned to bless me with these three wonderful women.  Only daughter One was planned -- the other two were surprises--or maybe I should be really honest and use the word "shocked."     We weren't really "ready" for more kids but by the time each of them has been born we were delighted and more than happy that our little family wasn't quite so little anymore.

Our oldest is a warm, vibrant, and highly motivated woman who has two grown daughters and is doing some remarkable stuff in the aero-space industry.  We're living closer to her now and both hubby and I are so happy to be able to spend time with her and be a part of her life in a more direct way.  This was the first Mother's Day we have spent together in quite a few years.  Our middle daughter is a talented professional musician in the field of church music, co-owns her own interior decorating business and is a loving presence in the lives of her nieces and nephew.  While she has not had children of her own she has "adopted" all the kids of her siblings and they love her like another parent.  Our youngest daughter has two beautiful daughters and is in possession of a mind that often leaves me in awe.  I'm a smart woman but there are times when I think about all the kinds of things she can do -- all at the same time -- and I am humbled, to say the least.  And her memory:  I don't know what to make of it sometimes.  We are both book reviewers and read piles and mountains of books, but she can remember stuff that puts me right under the table.

Suffice it to say that I am so thankful that these very wonderful women are a part of my life.  Love all three of you, bunches and bunches!!

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Tracy said...

Well I'm way behind in commenting on this one (that's what I get for not blog hopping for a while) but...what a lovely post. I'm more than thankful to have you and my sisters and all the other women in my family in my life. You all have been such great guides, friends and fonts of wisdom and I don't know what I'd do without you. I love you! :)