Thursday, March 21, 2013

It Ain't The Taj Mahal But It's Ours . . . AND the Mortgage Company

Yep, it's finally ours and it's a relief to finally be able to stop worrying that the VA underwriter will find something else to get upset about.  It's a 1926 vintage Craftsman House -- the kind that actually came in a crate back in those days from Sears Roebuck, and all the friends and family got a house building party together and put it together.  It saved architectural fees and such.  There are loads of Craftsman houses in this area of Tennessee.  Obviously, it was a popular thing back then and they have held up surprisingly well.

This particular house has been well cared for, has been added to so that there are now nine rooms.  An office and rather large family room were added through the years.  At one time a doctor owned the house and had his practice upstairs.  But get this . . . he had all the hardwood floors taken out so he could install carpet.  Can you believe that?  Now don't get me wrong.  The carpeting is beautiful.  But it's beyond belief that someone would think that it has to be one or the other.

Added in with a 3376 sq. ft. house is 1.3 acres of yard complete with peach, pear, weeping cherry, hickory nut and pecan trees.  And with all the spring rains it is rapidly coming to the point when we will have to be mowing all that grass.  We are getting lots of pecans out of the year that weren't picked up last fall as no one was living in the house for almost a year before we bought it.  But between us and the seller, lots of deferred maintenance has been done and we are really reaping the harvest of being in a solid and very nice home.  Now if we could just get all the boxes unpacked.  The hardest part is figuring out where to put everything.  Oh well, life moves on, one day at a time.