Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Southern Middle Tennessee . . . Baby, It's Cold Outside!! But This Bundle Made Me Feel All Warm & Fuzzy Inside!

That's right . . . we are in the midst of a terrible cold snap that has most of the United States in its grip.  The blue hills of the Cumberland Mountains that surround the valley where I live were coated with snow just a day ago . . . it was only about 9 degrees at 5:00 AM.  Yes, we really feel it here as we are just not used to freezing our buns off.  But it reminded me that I had not been keeping up with lots of stuff on this blog.  My daughter's blog has now been closed and it was because of her that I even started.  I have been reading like a crazy fool and thinking all the time:  "I have to write reviews!!"  And then I start another book and off I go thinking about writing a review -- soon.  As I am not quite ready to give up the blogging experience and I still enjoy following others, I am going try really hard to do better in the future.

So here's the latest that I wanted to share with y'all and let you know that it is also connected to a great cause.

This Pets for Vets charity bundle is available for a limited-time discount.  They’re all hometown heroes, guys from small towns who’ve made a name for themselves, big or small, who’ve withstood the odds and risen to the challenge, who are heroes in their own right.
Presenting a contemporary romance bundle of 16 novels with happily-ever-after endings, including previously published readers' favorites and brand-new material.

This is another one of the current passel of collections for small prices that are being made available by book sellers.  This one, however, really clicked with me as it was touted as a charity fund raiser to supply pets for vets who are suffering from post-war injuries, both inwardly and outwardly.  The stories are by some of our favorite authors and they are not novellas.  Many of these 16 stories are full-length novels and all the stories are really good.  Of course, some resonated more with me than others, but I have to say that I enjoyed all of them.

These heroes are all hurting one way or another and the women who come into their lives are often instruments of healing and a second chance to find a sense of belonging they feared would never be theirs.  In some cases the returning vet is instrumental in helping the heroine to face difficult memories or life situations.  In all cases, the stories are heart-warming and many were so good that I wanted to read more from that particular author.

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, reading these stories made me oh so thankful for my own family, for those in my family who have served in active military careers, for those who were willing to give up their lives and the possibility of a normal future in order to serve us at their country's call.  War is hell and I hate it passionately.  But these men and women in our family and in yours as well are all to be cherished and appreciated.  Thus I highly recommend that all of you look up this collection and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Incidentally, I got mine for a tiny price at  Also, you can read more about each individual story at or on  Until next time . . .