Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Word About Labor Day . . .

Labor Day was one of those holidays that as a kid I was always unhappy to see coming. It always meant that the next day we had to go to school. Those days are long gone and yet I remember that we always seemed to fall into a traditional routine because that was the last major holiday of the summer. Picnics with friends or community groups, badminton, soft ball, and bubble-blowing contests (the wads of bubble gum in a child's mouth really could defy description), and watermelon seed spitting contests--all were a part of that special day.

As kids we didn't even bother to think why Congress had set this day as the first Monday in September. Most of us had little knowledge of its importance or couldn't care less about celebrating the productivity of the American worker. Yet that is what we were observing. After I entered the work force, the significance of that day certainly changed. It was the beginning of Fall--even though the autumn solstice wasn't for two or three weeks--, it was the beginning of school, and it was the day we had to put away our summer church shoes (which were white) and start wearing the black patent leather Mary Janes or leather Buster Browns, whatever our mothers were making us wear, whether we liked them or not.

So I trust that even those childhood celebrations and all the fun are past and those years are but faded memories for many, that this Labor Day will be filled with rest, relaxation, good memories, family, friends, community gatherings, church picnics, and sharing the ice cold whatever in the back yard or on the patio, or in the city park pavilion.

Blessings to you all, and God bless the American worker, whatever each of us may do to add to the productivity of our country, our community, and our family. Until next time . . .

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