Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Week in Review: OMG . . . I Can't Believe I Have All Those Books!!

Lots and lots of reading this week, not unlike most of my weeks for the past nine months or so. But this week was unusual in that I had to catalogue all the books I had waiting to be read for review -- and that's not even counting the books that I read on my own for this blog and for my own enjoyment. Don't get me wrong. I actually tend to enjoy almost all the books I have waiting to be reviewed for The Book Binge. Lots of new authors but some that are also on the Favorites list, too. Some of those have gone on the "To Be Re-read" shelf and I have a number of ebooks that are on the re-read list as well. I'm not sure I will accept new books for weeks and weeks and weeks . . . well, maybe when I see what is coming toward me I might change my mind on that(LOL). I just can't seem to resist a new book . . . just like the girl in the musical "Oklahoma" -- "I'm just a girl who can't say no!" Why do I get the feeling she wasn't talking about books?

One of the things I have decided this week is to be sure to post some reviews on this blog of the early books of some of my favorite authors as well as display book covers of books that are newly released and are scheduled to be released this fall. My next review for this blog will be a book that was one of Shilow Walkers earliest--and then I hope to be reading one of her latest. I have a bias against the way so many romance fans seem to miss out on some of the early work of romance authors. I suppose there is a belief that as the writing expertise grows, so grows the quality. And that is not an unrealistic expectation. But I have also read some "first novels" that are so spectacular that they still knock my literary socks off. So if you come across a book review on this blog of a work that has some age on it, don't be surprised. I will also continue to include books that are recent, possibly new releases, and try to preserve a good mix between the two.

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