Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ooooooo! Book Sales!! Be Still My Foolish Heart!!

Yes, a Book Sale, and if you were born with the "Book Buying Gene" as I was, then your heart speeds up and your hands start sweating, and your skin starts tingling with ripples of excitement running up and down your body. Sounds erotic, I know, but really, it's simply that known and well-loved response to the words "Book Sale."

All Romance eBooks newsletter reports that three publishers are having fabulous sales right now and they appear to be worth checking out.

First, Samhain Publishing is presently offering a 30% discount on books until 31 August. I have to be honest and report that I am not sure if this is on
all their titles or on selected books, but it's worth checking out. Some of my favorite authors' books are published by this publisher and I am delighted to have a sale that helps ease the assault on my pocketbook. I think there is a California discount department store who asks: "Why pay full price?" My sentiments exactly!! If you have been lusting after something located at Samhain, you might want to check this sale out.

Second, Breathless Press is a new publishing entity that has only been offering books for a couple of years. I think their 25% discount on all their titles is in celebration of their second anniversary and one worth looking at. I have read and reviewed some of their books and as always, the quality of the story is more dependent on the author. But I think their romance titles are consistent with others offered by most romance fiction publishers.

The discount isn't over the top, but let's face it: 25% is 25% and with the price of books nowadays, not insignificant. All Romance eBooks carries quite a number of their titles as does Fictionwise, Books a Million, and several other ebook vendors. I have no doubt that many of you know more about this publishing house than I do, but my exposure to the authors and books I have read have all pretty much been fine.

Lastly, Ellora's Cave is offering a fabulous cache of sale ebooks now known as "The Vault" which features books on sale from 50 cents to 1.50 and some of those are also 50% off. I have visited The Vault and found some surprising treasures. Some were books I would have never dreamed would be put on sale and was delighted to pick them up as such a discount. A number are ebooks that were published some years ago and are being taken out of the full priced line-up. I have been delighted to find work by some of my favorite authors that I would have missed.

Is it my imagination, or is Ellora's Cave far more prone to publish novellas? If not, I apologize, but with my current feeling that most novellas are too expensive anyway, I was delighted to find that some of the novellas I refused to buy at full price are now available for less than a dollar. Even found some full-length novels that had a few years on them available for less than a dollar.

So, my friends, I know it is the end of the month, and if you are like me, that means less book dollars available. But at some of these prices, I think I am going to hunt around for a hidden slush fund in the old family budget and see what I can come up with. Even if you don't buy much, I just love to scroll through the books and see what's there. I like 99 cent stores and second hand stores, too. Happy shopping!!!

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Tracy said...

AYa gotta love book sales! lol I've found since I got my Kindle that I'm price shopping which I never did before - funny since I never did that before. I usually would only check one place and if it was too pricey call it a day. It's amazing what the price differences are on some of these books! This morning I saw the same book in 3 different spots for 9.95, 11.90 and 5.95! Guess which one I bought. lol