Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Don't Miss These Great Buys at Amazon.com!!

That's right!  Now a series of collections -- full length novels in bundles -- are available at Amazon.com for just 99 cents per collection!  Don't know how long these will last, but I just found them myself and didn't hesitate to buy them.. All were including works by authors I have come to appreciate in the romance fiction genre and even though some were released months ago, they were books I hadn't read and which piqued my interest.

Novels by Patricia Ryan,
                Julie Kinner
                Shelley Thacker
                Kathryn Shay
               Julianne McLean

All are full-length works and the collection was released July 17, 2013.

This collection contains full-length works by
               Lexi Blake
               Marie Harte
               Cari Quinn
               Carrie Ann Ryan
               Jayne Rylon

It, too, is a 99 cent bargain.  Some of the stories are familiar to me, but I couldn't resist getting the collection as I hadn't read four of the five books.  A bargain at any price!

Included are the novels by

            Cynthia Wright
            Patricia McLinn
            Patricia Ryan
            Judith Arnold

This collection was just released last week on July 17th.

This collection is FREE bundle of novels by author Melissa F. Hart in gratitude for the support of her faithful readers.  It was released in March, 2013 and has had enthusiastic reception.  It remains the best bargain on the page and has received good reviews.

Included in this collection are novels from
            Emilie Richards
            Judith Arnold
            Patricia McLinn
            Patricia Ryan
            Kathryn Ryan

All are novels around favorite romance themes and while the collection contains books by some of the same authors as other collections, it is a great bargain and all are well respected romance writers.

Just go to Amazon.com, write romance collections in the search window, and you will not only find these but many others that are also available for 99 cents, some free collections by authors who are releasing bundles, and others that are significantly reduced over the individual book price.    It's a great "steal" for summer reading and even though I don't know when the "sale" will end, I had to make all of you aware of this literary windfall.     Happy reading!!

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