Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt . . ." Thank You, Tennessee Ernie Ford -- I couldn't have said it better myself!

Yep . . . that's right!  The big BD has come and gone and this year was unusual to say the least.  I was literally stuck at the laptop and 2200 miles away from home, back in Southern California for a church-related meeting, and yes, it went the entire day.

Now I am finished with that and looking forward to an evening with my kids and grandkids before boarding yet another plane (I hate flying) to wind my way back to Southern Middle Tennessee.  On the way here last Thursday I got to sit in the middle between two others on both legs of the flight.  I guess the airplane seating lottery ordained that it was my turn to be the "sardine."  I had to extend my time in So. Calif. and the airline wanted $373 to change my reservation.  I went to another airline and just booked a one-way ticket for a hundred dollars less.  What a rip-off!

Just five days back in the sunny Southland and already I notice how much dryer my skin is.  Southern Middle Tennessee is considered sub-tropical and one can almost hear the grass grow with all the rain.  Hubby reported that it had rained for three solid days and even in the middle of August, when the thermometer is usually climbing upward at an alarming rate, it is now so cool that the air conditioner hadn't come on for three days.  Weird!  I don't like grass that is so long in one week that it looks like a hay field when it's mowed, but I sure don't mind not having my skin feel so dry that it is flaking off my body.  So I guess one takes the good with the bad.

So amid the dull and boring meeting, my phone buzzed and my kids called and wished my good birthday wishes.  Friends wished me good wishes on Facebook, and hubby said he missed me.  So really, when you come right down to it, it was a good birthday after all.

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