Monday, July 24, 2017

Books, books, and more books . . .

I opened my blog page for the first time in many months and realized I hadn't posted anything since December, 2015.  Really!!  I pondered whether to keep the blog going after all this time.  Not sure there are even any followers that check in from time to time since I have been absent for so long.

I decided to try to get back into the blogging thing just because I had enjoyed it, for one thing, and I still read mountains of books, digitally speaking, of course.  There are several reasons why I have been gone from the blogging universe for so long.

1.  I guess the main reason is that I miss my Southern California blogging pals.  Here in So. Middle Tennessee I have not connected with any blogging groups and it has been kind of lonely -- feeling like I am just hanging out all by myself.  Our So. Calif. group got together a couple times a year and it was such fun to put faces with names and share on a face to face basis.  Now after 4-1/2 years gone from that scene, I just feel like I am in a world of one.

2.  I had gotten really burned out on the book reviewing thing.  I did hundreds of reviews for The Book Binge and quite a few for this blog.  I also guest reviewed for my daughter once in awhile but her blog has now gone away as well.  I just got tired.  Being away from my full-time profession has also made a difference.  It seemed like I just read and read and read and moved from book to book to book, not really thinking about reviewing, and only making a few comments from time to time at

So I am picking up the mantle once again.  I am going to put some new stuff up on this page if I can remember how to do it all.  Hope some of you check back in from time to time and I will try to reach out to some of my blogger pals again.

Hope you are having a good summer and stay cool!!


Wendy said...

I blogged for three years (I think?) before I finally met any of my blogging buddies in Real Life. Actually, that was kind of why I started blogging. I didn't have anyone in my Real Life to talk to about romance. The Internet was literally a life preserver for me. Then I moved to So. Cal., more readers started blogging, and living in a densely populated area helped. My odds of meeting bloggers in Real Life got better once I left the Midwest.

Anyway - I'M STILL FOLLOWING YOU! A nice surprise to see you pop up in my feed reader.

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