Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gee -- what a nice welcome to Blog Land!

How nice to be so welcomed to Blog Land. For someone like me who started life learning how to give a phone number to an operator (because there weren't even any rotary dial phones then) and who has seen so much change in the world, this computer thing has been quite a journey. I have done pretty well -- Tracy will tell you all that I have forged ahead to try to remain contemporary even though I'm a little late doing it -- and to now have a book blog is really something I have never anticipated. All your comments of welcome and on the reading list are really great to read and I truly appreciate your sharing your comments. I am reading Nalini Singh's Angel's Blood right now so will review that when I finish -- in about 45 minutes. I'm traveling to Tracy's tomorrow AM to pick up another "bag o' books" and returning the 15 or so I have been reading since New Year's day.

A further word about Eloisa James' book: There are some books with multiple stories woven together that I find truly fascinating. I don't doubt that Ms James has the skill to do that. I just don't think she pulled it off very well in this particular novel. I did a guest review of Spider-Touched by Jory Strong, and that was a very intense effort to bring multiple experiences and stories into one beautiful "web" of fiction. Strong did it beautifully. In fact, I think I commented, if I remember correctly, that it should be required reading in every college course on the American novel. As a former English/Literature teacher, I think it would be a blast to have Strong's novel as class material to teach creative writing as well.

Thanks, again, for all your kind words of welcome.


nath said...

Lucky you Dr J! :) You have a personal library and won't even be penalized if you bring back the books late :P

Ohh, hope you enjoy Angel's Blood. I love Nalini Singh, but that one... hmmm, not my favorite.

Kristie (J) said...

I think it's great that you and Tracy have so much in common!! Neither one of my kids would ever visit my blog - nor would I be able to discuss romance books with them. Of course they are both guys so it would be a bit odd if they were. Although my youngest son (29) did get me Heaving Bosoms by The Smart Bitches - but he thought it was a joke - little did he know I really did want a copy. Anyway - welcome to the world of blogging. As someone who will never see 54 again - it is a wonderfully fun way to still 'feel' young.

Lea said...

Welcome to the blogging world J! I hope you enjoy sharing your stories with us!

I'll look forward to reading your posts in future.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the book blogging community :) I'll be looking forward to reading your posts!

Dr J said...

I am indeed delighted to share this love of reading with Tracy. I share something special with each of my kids, but she and I have always been the readers in the family -- not to say that her siblings are illiterate or don't read, but she and I have this special love of romance and have enjoyed paranormal as well as historical romance.

Tracy said...

They ARE illiterate and I'm the smartest, funniest and best read! *blow cherry at siblings*.

Ok, none of that is true but it was fun to write! ha!

It is really cool to be able to share all of my books with someone in my family who loves reading as much as I do. I'm just running out of books because she reads way faster than I do! lol