Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry to Have Been Missing for Awhile

I have indeed been doing a whole lot of reading in order to write a number of guest reviews for The Book Binge. My daughter got me started with the reading-for-review thing and out of that grew this blog. It has really been fun, but it does take time. There are some books that are fairly "light weight" and those are fun reads but don't take much time to get through. Others are more substantive and they are more of a reading challenge. To be honest, those are the most satisfying for me. I love to wade through some pretty in-depth historical stuff. It always seems to give more scope and breadth to the story. And even though historical romance is fiction, it grows out of a time and place that is real and within which it is possible to imagine the experiences of the fictional characters. I was an English language teacher for a number of years and was privileged to help elementary and high school students explore their writing talents, albeit on a very beginning level. I guess I still look at some of these books with that same eye, and I have to admit that when reading lots of books, it becomes obvious which writers are good and which writers are really good and which writers are over the top! Those are authentic treasures and are the books I never tire of re-reading. The Border Lord & the Lady is one of those books. I'll be happy to re-read that next year at this time.

So I'll be posting some reviews soon -- once I work through the Book Binge pile. My daughter is sharing some of her paranormal romance with me and those are strange but, for the most part, really wonderful stories. I also have a couple of books I borrowed from the library that were recommended, so I will need to get started on them to avoid overdue fees. I really hate those because they may support one's local library, but I would rather just let my tax dollars do that. My kids did that often enough in years past, so hopefully I can get these books returned on time.

Keep coming back and also, why not list some of the books that you are reading or perhaps some that these reviews call to mind. Until next time . . .


Rowena said...

Hey Judith!

Thanks so much for your help with reviewing for Book Binge. We really appreciate you and Tracy! We love you over at Book Binge!

There are times when a light weight read is exactly what I need but then there are times when only a more in depth story will do. That's really the beauty of reading, there is something out there for everybody, every mood and every season.

Oh and I love what you've done over here at your blog. It looks good.

Dr J said...

You are absolutely right! Years ago when I had a shelf full of Harlequin romances -- one of those subscription things where you got four think paperbacks a month -- I would take a day and just read and read and read. I called it my mindless reading day. It was a way that I just gave my brain permission to cease dealing with the heavy duty stuff of life and just read "stuff." My kids knew that this was "Mom's reading day." We would just have easy meals and I would just disappear into my bedroom with a stack of those 150 page paperbacks and I could go through about six of them in one day. It was wonderfully relaxing. Incidentally, it was those Harlequins that got Tracy hooked on reading. "Any port in a storm" I always say. She has been hooked on reading ever since.