Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On the Value of Used Books

I am a confirmed fan of used books. I have books coming out of my ears because, in part, I love to read and I am delighted to be surrounded by books. The other reason for my large library is the need for professional books. I hang on to those largely because I have a hard time parting with books for which I had to pay so much. Maybe that is why I love library sales and used books stores. I wish I could find more of them. Our local Library Committee is always trying to raise money and has used book sales two or three times a year -- it is a veritable feast for used book lovers!

I have to admit that the main reason I use Amazon to buy books is that I can buy used books online. I am now starting to research other resources but continue to use Amazon more than any other, having found that in spite of paying shipping, a used book is considerably less than buying a book new. Now, I realize that someone has to buy a new book in order to keep the publishing industry alive. Don't worry -- just walk through Barnes & Noble or any other mass marketing book seller and there are tons of new books literally flying out the door. That is good news for people such as I who want to be finding used books for my library.

I also buy used books because I read so much. I just couldn't afford to buy the number of books I like to read if I had to buy new books. I use the library lots and lots of times, but they do not always have complete sets of a fiction series as in the case of Shana Abe's "drakon" series. I have found this to be true with several other authors. So I borrow what I can and buy used when I can't find them at the library. Of course, I have my daughters book shelves which is a great resource. What am I going to do when I read all those? I don't even want to consider that, but if I know Tracy, she will be adding to her book total even as I try to keep up with her.

Just thought I would share some thoughts. Until next time . . .

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Tracy said...

I know some good ones - we'll have to go check them out sometime soon.

btw - if you have a LA library pin you can order the books online and tell them you want books sent to your nearest library. They'll do a transfer from another library and when they come in the library emails you and lets you know. It's wonderful! If you don't have a pin I think you can request one online or you can get one from one of the local locations.

Library info - just another service I provide. :)