Monday, July 26, 2010

Back Home Again in . . . Sunny, Hot, Dry So. California . . .

Well, we made it . . . the Amtrak Southwest Chief got us here, and only 15 minutes late. It was a beautiful, hot, dry, dusty day when we then boarded the Los Angeles Metrolink train for our little community about 40 miles toward the Mojave Desert. It was in the 100 degree neighborhood when we got to our front door -- but then, it was a dry heat!

I have to laugh whenever someone says that to me. Yes, we have about a 14 percent humidity during the summer months, clear through September, but let's face it, friends . . . hot is hot. I am fond of stand-up comedian Jon Panett (sp?) and his routine about dry heat. "But it's a dry heat, Mr. Panett," says the paramedic as they wheel me toward the ambulance. Now that is not to say that we aren't thankful for the dry heat. We boil during the day and we live on the verge of dehydration most of the summer, but believe me, at night it is very comforting to be able to open the windows and have a very cool 65 degree breeze blowing in your windows and cooling off the house.

Anyway, we were so ready to be home. Lugging suitcases, searching for clean underwear after three weeks away from home . . . just gets very old after a while. But it was a wonderful trip and I come away from that journey up the California/Oregon coast and across the Northern mountains and plains of our country with few words to describe the bounteous and glorious beauty of the ocean, the mountains, and the waving sea of grasses and crops. How we are blessed!!

And one of the great joys was that train travel give one so much time to read!! I have just gorged on books, books, and more books. The eBookwise Reader is a joy and even the few print books I lugged along were great companions. Now it is time to start posting some of those reviews and sharing some of those delights with you.

So onward and upward, reading buddies!! Keep in touch and be sure to share some of your reading delights of this summer. I do check many of my friends' blogs and even though I don't comment often, enjoy getting in on the fun of your reading.

Keep cool . . . whether its a wet heat or a dry heat.

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