Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Wishes, Blessings, Cookies, Kisses, Hugs, Hot Cocoa, & Dreams

It's here once again, that beautiful and gracious holiday knows as Christmas Day, celebrated in so many ways and with so many different traditions throughout the world. It is, of course, a uniquely Christian holiday as it remembers and lifts up the birth of the Christ Child of long ago. But for people of all faiths and perspectives it is one of those holidays that has assumed a life of its own that is independent of any kind of religious significance.
Certainly there are traditions in every family. In our family our traditions have gradually changed over the years as the kids and grandkids have grown and are moving away. What we did when they were little and what we are able to do now are vastly different. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of Christmas when there were just the six of us, living too far distant from extended family to be able to be together, but still working hard to give everyone a sense of being loved and belonging.

Some of the funniest Christmases I remember . . . I'm sure you have some, too.
***One years we were so short of money that we wrapped all the presents in the Sunday funny papers/comics. The kids were so excited about all the comics they didn't much remember or notice that the gifts were pretty much small, inexpensive, or useful (like socks and underwear).
***Another time we got my hubby a gumball machine. He is an avid lover of gumballs and was always bumming money off everyone for the gumball machines in the mall or stores. So we found his very own gumball machine along with replacement gumballs to refill it. Only one problem: our German Shepherd smelled the gumballs and tried to eat them. Messy, messy!! We never put candy or gum under the tree again.
Another year we were all together and were happy to have hubby's parents with us. Everyone was having a great time opening presents until we realized, after everything was opened, that my hubby had only gotten one present: a golf-ball paper weight from one of the kids. We were all so chagrinned that the next day, when all the after-Christmas sales began, we took hubby shopping and because we were all so guilt ridden, he made out like a bandit.
Perhaps you can remember some of your really funny Christmas happenings and would like to share them. Please do . . .

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

A very beautiful post Dr J. And just for the right day. I hope you and your family had a very merry blessed Christmas my dear friend!

Erotic Horizon said...

I am late - but I hope you had the most spectacular day...

With loads of laughter tossed into the day ...