Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New . . . Important Stuff and Silly Stuff, too

Well, it's here . . . the New Year of 2011. And like every year that has come before, it is an opportunity to review, to reflect, to celebrate or mourn, memorable events and lots of silly stuff--the usual, it would seem.

Re: books
I read, almost 600 books--I think I missed it by 10 or 12. No kidding, just love to read and actually there were some books I have read during the holidays that I failed to get into the Goodreads count. So I am sure I went over the 600 mark, now that I think about it.

Stuff to celebrate:
Our 51st wedding anniversary and the 25th year at my job. So it would appear I really can stick to the plan. I also have another granddaughter that has become a teenager (UGH) and a grandson that got his MBA. A near miss: we were going on our first Mexico cruise until the Carnival ship burned and they cancelled our trip. We've planned a substitute trip that doesn't involve sailing. My hubby's successful heart surgery in the Spring--I've gotten used to him and can't imagine my life without him. So glad that, for now, he is still with us. And last, but not least, the University of Iowa football team won the Incite Bowl. Go Hawkeyes!!! (My hubby was born and raised in Iowa so I always root for them.)

Stuff to mourn:
We have lost some interesting entertainment, literary, scientific, and sports figures this year. I always wonder if the young people will replace those people? There is no doubt that the priorities have changed in so many ways, our culture has become focused on different issues, and as a result the achievements of the succeeding generations will change. We have some very special people "in the wings" and my hope and prayer is that those talented young people will be willing to "step up to the plate" or to fill in the gaps left by the loss of some really special people.

Hopes for this year:
Lose 60 pounds, all my family will remain well and with us, read some really special books, see my blog following grow, do a good job as a DIK (Desert Island Keepers) blogger, see my three youngest granddaughters do well in their school experience this year, pay off at least two bills, stay healthy, and manage a daily random act of kindness. I really don't believe in "resolutions" because I think they are so easy to set aside. But I do have these hopes for this year and have set them as my goals.

Special Thanks
to all of you who stopped by and shared your thoughts and comments here this past year. I was my maiden year as a blogger and you made it a special experience.

To you all . . . Have a happy and prosperous 2011!

Perhaps you could share at least one or two of your personal goals for this coming year.


Erotic Horizon said...

Dr J..

What a great post - congrats on all the treasured moment of 2010...

We have certianly lost a good few people this year, some who I have even thought would live forever - silly me..

I have a few of the same goals as you - wishing the kids, family and friends stay healthy and happy.. pay off a few bills.. and try to find that elusive time for myself that I never seem to find...

But I really am going to grab all the special moment this year... see them and appreciate them..

Enjoy the begining of the year my dear - I am hoping it will pan out to be just a speical year for us all...


the good ones, the highlights and

Tracy said...

Happy New Year! I'll give you a hug the next time I see you.

Yes, 2010 was filled with all the ups and downs of life but we survived - and so did all of our family. That's a win as far as I'm concerned. :)

About that 60 should check out Christine's fitness goals. She's got a "fitness miles" goal that she's doing that actually sounds doable.

Wendy said...

ZOMG! Almost 600 books?!?!?!?! I cannot wrap my mind around that. OK, I could wrap my mind around that - do you not watch TV? Cuz lordy, I could probably quadruple my reading totals if I gave up TV.