Friday, January 14, 2011

So . . . What Does it Look Like For 2011????

Well, the ole Book Bag has come along with me to the new and the unknown . . . 2011. Looking back over the past year I was astounded to see how many books I had read, about 580 according to, but there are about 20 - 25 books that they don't list that are in that total. I really had no idea that I could pull that off -- maybe 250?? So to even consider what 2011 might hold is somewhat of a challenge. I'm of a mind to think that it's just going to have to be what it will be, no matter how it comes out. Pretty vague, I know, but after blowing my own mind about the number of books I read last year, I don't even know how to project this next year's possibilities.
Here are some thoughts for 2011:
I have a whole series of books by Linda Lael Miller I want to read and review. I have read several recently, namely her Christmas anthology and A Creed in Stone Creek, and have come to like her stories, the characters and her style of writing a great deal. I got the McKettrick series at the second hand bookstore a couple of months ago and have those in my sights.
I want to read more shape shifter stories in 2011. When I first began reviewing books it seemed that I had opportunities to read quite a few--the Vivian Arend Wolf Tracks series and others. In recent months I haven't done much of that. It's probably crazy, but I really like shape shifter novels. I did read three Jennifer Estep novels recently for The Book Binge and enjoyed them immensely. And I want to finish the Breeds series by Lora Leigh this year. I have read about two-thirds of those and want to finish the rest. As my daughter commented: those books are like being on crack.
I have a number of books for review that are waiting for me -- actually a couple of shelves' worth so buying more books seems unnecessary. But I have to own up to being seduced by ebooks--and by some of the books coming out in 2011 by authors I really like Jenny Penn, Heather Rainier, Sophie Oak, Desiree Holt, and more.
I also plan to read some non-fiction books--as a helping professional I feel that I need that kind of mental stimulation as well. Just need to stay sharp in my chosen field.
So there " . . . so many books, and so little time . . ." With the way books are barreling off the presses and with the advent of ebooks, the good news is that we readers will NEVER run out of books to read. The bad news is that we will NEVER live long enough to enjoy them all.
Soooooo. . . we'll just keep on keep on and see where we end up on December 31. Keep to eReaders loaded and the bookmarks working. Until next time . . .

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The Romance Girl said...

580?! That's amazing!

I keep doing the "oh I have so many books on my TBR pile I shouldn't buy anymore"-thing, but it never seems to work. Books are so seducing. I'm sure it's harder with an e-reader at your fingertips.