Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Me, Oh My (Groan), Where Has All The Time Gone? I'm Meeting Myself Coming And Going!!

It has been the Week From Hell around here . . . every day I think I have my time planned out and my hubby (who is retired, therefore he is ALWAYS around) says: "What do you have planned for today?" My immediate response is: "Why?" I just know he doesn't ask that question unless he has some cockamammy something or other he wants me to do. I'm usually right. Most of the time he wants to change babysitting days with me -- we babysit two of our granddaughters, i.e. pick them up after school, supervise their homework, get them to their after-school activities, etc. He goes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I go on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most of the time he wants to change the days I go because he wants to run around the Los Angeles area with my son who travels alot locally in his job. That hubby of mine has never really been happy unless he is traveling somewhere!

Anyway . . . each day I think about this blog and realize that another day has gone by with no posting. This morning I realized that it was nearly a week since I had posted and I was MORTIFIED. Not the way I operate! And what should I post? I look at other blogs and realize that some of them are so incredibly creative and what do I have? Books. Well . . . then I tell myself: "That's what you started this for, isn't it?" And I have to acknowledge that most of the time I just get excited about books and want to share them, whether or not they are the latest publications. Some, like the SEP books I have highlighted, are just so good that I don't care how long since they were released.

So to any followers/visitors who have been lurking or checking in on this site, I offer my sincere apologies for being so delinquent in posting anything at all, least of all even getting enough time to say "Hey." I do have to admit that even though I am frazzled and profoundly glad it is Friday, I did get lots done that has been waiting for my attention, so even though it was nerve-wracking in many respects, there is a sense that some things have been attended to that have been sitting around for a long time. And I DID get books read . . . no matter how busy with other things, I read. Drives my family crazy.

So here's wishes that all of you have a great week and are looking forward to a great weekend. Blessings . . .


Tracy said...

I can relate! There are some weeks on the blog where I look and figure out how much content I need to put up to stay on review requests and it's just too much! I usually only post stuff on Monday, Wed. and Friday with a song on Saturday. Then there are weeks when I wonder if I'll ever have enough stuff to put up. It's a vicious but enjoyable cycle! :)

No matter what we appreciate the stuff you do put up so keep on doing it! :)

Kathryn said...

Yours is one of a handful of blogs I check on nearly a daily basis. I always laugh when one or another of you posts an apology for being too busy to blog. Do you all not see that it just increases our pleasure when there is a new posting, kind of like the pleasure of finding non-junk/non-bill mail in the mailbox? I just enjoy the writings you can share.

Dr J said...

Thank you, Tracy & Kathryn, for your kind words. I guess it's really about keeping faith with the commitment--maybe keeping faith with myself. If I commit to doing it I want to follow through. (I can almost hear my dad saying that, eh?) Anyway, it is always nice to have you stop by and hopefully the posts will continue to be uplifting, interesting, helpful, or whatever.