Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review: She's No Faerie Princess -- Christine Warren

It is no secret, if you have lurked around the ole Book Place, that I really like Christine Warren's writing, and I really like her series on all sorts of shifters and Others, as she calls them. The publisher states that this is the second book in "The Others" series, but in reality it is a continuation of the Fur Fantasies and continues to develop the stories of and relationships between characters that have figured prominently in previous books.
Princess Fiona is not your ordinary Faerie Princess, obedient to her Aunt Mab who is the Queen of Faerie and who has effectively prohibited any citizen of that alternate world to visit the world of humans. Fiona is tired of court politics, tired of the pressure she is getting from her Aunt, weary of trying to fight off the suit of males who want her as their mate/lover because they perceive that she is the next in line to the Faerie court, and coming to the conclusion that she needs a VACATION!!! So she fights off the objections of a couple of her closest friends and makes her way through one of the forbidden gates, where she is immediately attacked and chased by a fiend and rescued by Tobias Walker, Beta of the Silverback Clan of werewolves in Manhattan.
Her presence in the human world is not welcomed as the negotiations between the Council of Others and the humans is not proceeding well, is tentative at best, and is now in danger because of Queen Mab's prohibition. The Council doesn't need Queen Mab to come down on them as has happened in the past. Fiona is also surprised to find out that her Uncle Dionnu, Queen Mab's ex, is at the negotiating table as a so-called ambassador from Faerie, a fact that has been kept secret from Queen Mab's court. So the plot thickens when unlikely deaths begin happening that are clearly fiendish in origin, and Fiona's life is in danger. Add to that Tobias Walker's almost uncontrollable attraction to Fiona -- he has found his life mate in her -- and you have another very readable and fascinating journey into the world of werewolves, werejaguars, demons, fiends, and a faerie Princess. Fiona is a mouthy dame, and added to the wit and satire of several other women who are regularly involved in Warren's scenarios, this tale is cute, funny, witty, satirical, and oh, so engaging.
Warren is a past master at the writing task and has done a very credible job of developing her characters and putting these tales together. She is one of a group of writers who seem to be able to keep a consistent quality in her series so that there is legitimate anticipation of her next novel. I do have to say that I thought Walker was a little gruff--perhaps for longer than necessary, but he does have a very unusual situation on his hands with demon Rule and the fiends. There are twists and turns here as the mystery unfolds of who is seeking to upend the negotiations between the Others and the humans. It is sort of the background story that provides the conflict in a really good plot.
Warren fans will like this book. It is not quite so political and involved as the previous book which I liked. I think I like this one better. I also liked Fiona's pluck -- she stands up to everyone -- and the fact that in spite of it all, she and Walker find common ground and a way to muddle along as they acknowledge one another as mates. It is a very nice read and will be a nice experience for readers who like the paranormal and Warren's werewolves. I give this book a 3.75 out of 5 rating.

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Tracy said...

It's such a good series - I really like what she's done with it.