Friday, April 2, 2010

In Honor of These Special Days . . .

Just a quick word -- this week before Easter is really busy, as I have already commented. In honor of the more inspirational tone of this week I am setting myself to ready a couple of Marta Perry's books: one is a freebie entitled Resless Hearts, set in the Pennsylvanie Dutch country that is Perry's home territory and which inspires so many of her stories. The other is the second in a series that I am reading in order to review it for The Book Binge. Parry has a delightful way of looking within her own personal cultural background and letting readers know more about what makes up that very unique Pennsylvania way of thinking and doing. I think most of her readers are fascinated with the keyhole insights she has provided for the Amish way of life. I know that when I was a kid my parents were often visiting friends and attending conferences in central Pennsylvania, and I was so taken with how different it felt--at least as a 10-12 year old I didn't know how else to express it. As my father's family are from the German Mennonite heritage, there was lots to see, hear, experience that seemed familiar although at the time I wasn't aware of the "why" or "wherefore."

I hope some of you will share if you have experienced some of Parry's writing. It is definitely gentle, inspiring, and calls to all our deeper instincts for caring and grace.

Also thanks to all of you who visit and comment . . . your presence and continuing support are greatly appreciated. I hope that our "conversation" grows and our love of books along with it!

Again . . . Happy Easter to you all!

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