Sunday, March 21, 2010

Novellas are Fun Too!! -- Acting On Impulse -- by Ashleigh Raine

Still visiting in San Francisco, but thought to do this before I left. It's the stuff of fantasies that haunt dreams and plague day dreams -- more than most people want to admit. Whether or not anyone has a "hunk" in their real life, their are hunks in our fantasies. So here's a story that maybe some wouldn't mind living out . . .

Short can be good -- as illustrated in this "novella" about a single mom, Samantha, who's best friend is connected to the Hollywood entertainment industry. Agreeing to go along to a party with the "beautiful" people, Samantha finds herself bored and feeling totally out of place. She is a normal woman in a very petite size and yet because of all the Underweight, seemingly anoxeic actresses at a party in the Hollywood Hills, Samantha steps outside the rear of the mansion in order to call her little girl with her daily bedtime story. That was her only objective.

As the call was ending she encounters Connor, a well-known actor who is on the verge of leaving the party, (who she doesn't recognize) having had his fill of shallow people and fake body parts -- upper body parts -- well, boobs if you must -- when he spies Samantha and realizes that she is truly one of the most beautiful women he has ever laid eyes on. Lush, normal, simply dressed, he overhears the end of her story to her daughter and is enchanted that someone who is obviously functioning with a different set of priorities is even at this party. Their subsequent conversation begins to make Samantha aware that this gorgeous man is different, too. He is sensitive, funny, genuine, and exuding that male "come hither" pheremone that is making her aware that she has had a very long, dry spell where love is concerned. This is so out of her normal comfort zone, but wonder of wonders, she considers and takes the risk.

We are all faced with risks and relationships are some of the riskiest choices each person has to make. So many really turn out badly, but many don't. Sam is willing to have this one night of encounter with a man who really seems to want her. The next few minutes together could easily light up that Hollywood Hills garden. In fact, the entire episode is caught on tape by a photographer hiding in one of the trees.

Samantha goes back to her life as owner of a growing bakery business. She mourns the loss of her sexy partner, but she moves on. for her it was just one night of fantasy come true. This is a fun book that has romance galore and a happy ending to boot. It is full of sizzling hot love, fun conversations, and some Hollywood paparazzi as well. Short, to the point, but fun to read. I would be very surprised if you didn't like it. I give this book a 4 our of 5 rating.

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Tracy said...

I really liked this one as well. It's seeing that spark between Sam and Connor that just works. Ashleigh Raine is one of my fav authors. She (actually it's they since it's a partnership between 2 authors) is one of the authors I know I can go to and have a fun read.