Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On The Road Again . . . Winding our Way Home

After two scintilating days in San Francisco, we are now winding our way down Highyway 101 toward home. The weather has been absolutely perfect -- about 72 degrees during the day and in the hi9h 40's at night. Very little fog and the skies are that wonderful clear blue that shines through when the smog has decided to take a short vacation. Yesterday we spent several hours at the Muir Woods Redwood grove which is about 11 miles north of the Golden Gate in Marin County. The drive was windy and gorgeous, and believe it or not, all of us -- yes, me and the old hubby, as well as our 14 year old granddaughter took the TWO MILE HIKE through the entire grove. I can even walk today, too! The smells were wonderful: the beautiful aromas of redwood and the cool, damp, earth. People were all around us but there was very little noise. Everyone was just intimidated by those awesome living things, some of which were here when Leif Erikson landed on our continent.

We then drove through Golden Gate Park -- and I emphasize "drive through" since the City of SF has never seen fit to even make the slightest effort to provide any kind of parking. They love the tourists and have tourist taxes and fees up to wherever, but parking is not even an option. We were very disappointed and it was really the only "downer" of the entire trip. The cherry blossoms were glorious and we were pleased that we were at least able to enjoy them from the car windows.

Yesterday's lunch at Pier 39 was scrumtious -- we ate seafood, of course. The Pier Market is just the absolute best. We don't eat at some of the restaurants where I went with my folks many years ago -- the quality just isn't very good anymore. But the Pier Market is great and I had a Combination Seafood Louie (named after the chef that invented the dressing) that was as big as Rhode Island and covered with crab and bay shrimp (those are the little ones as compared to the Pacific prawns that are huge.) We didn't even go for supper that evening -- we were all still too full.

And of course, who could not enjoy the cable cars and seeing all the sights as one is careening down the hills -- certainly not at high speed, but the angle is very good for getting to know the person sitting next to you. We met people from about four different countries on just one trip over Nob Hill. The chocolate at Ghiradelli Square is still as yummy as ever, and the singing waiter was a kick. We all had ice cream for lunch that day.

On our way down the coast yesterday, just south of Half Moon Bay, we found a new Taco Bell -- I know, very ordinary, except this one was right out on the beach and it was a really great view. Lots of folks were sitting at the tables out on the deck -- it was getting a little breezy for us, but the tide was coming in and it was fun to watch the surfers.

We'll be home this evening and back to the Wednesday evening routine. San Francisco is a great way to begin the week!! Until next time . . .

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Lea said...

Sounds like an amazing trip and wonderful hike.

Thank you for sharing.