Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's in the Ole Book Bag This Week?

Been traveling as you all know from the blog entries, but that doesn't stop the reading by any means. Took some along with me as well as my eReader with an updated load of goodies. So now is the list of books that I have been nose-deep in since last week:

Unridden by Cat Johnson
Four Love by Riley Ashford
Lover's Talisman by Ashleigh Raine
Rode Hard, Put Up Wet by Lorelei James
Christine Warren's Paranormal "Ellora Cave" books -- Fur Factor Books 1-6
Re-read Laid Bare by Cerise Deland to review for Book Binge
Mate of the Wolf by Karen Whiddon
Acting on Impulse by Ashleigh Raine

It has been a "shape-shifter/vampire week for the most part. Love those werefolk! Lots of good writing and some surprising twists in some of the stories. Hope it has been a good reading week for all of you. I am starting on Christine Warren's Novels of the Others--Wolf At The Door. Looks like another great read. Have a great reading week!!

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Tracy said...

Oh The Others series by Christine Warren is great. I'm pretty sure, although you'd have to check Warren's site, that they are re-writing the first few books that were originally published in ebook and making them print. I believe she's expanding them too. I haven't read any of the redone ones so I'm not sure what I think about them yet. :)

Ashleigh Raine, again, love them. I still need to work on finishing the Lorelei James series. Just 2 books to go!