Saturday, March 20, 2010

Off to See the City By the Bay . . .

Well, hubby and I are off with one of our granddaughters to visit San Francisco for two days . . . and I don't intend to leave my heart there either. I need it to live, and at my age, every day is a victory! We plan to see the Wharf, Ghirardelli Square and of course, sample the chocolate, visit Pier 39 so granddaughter can watch the sea lions, do the boat trip around the San Francisco Bay, drive down the Crookedest Street -- Lombard Street --, see Coit Tower (shaped like a fire hose nozzle), ride the Cable Cars and the BART, drive down Hightway 1 past the Cliff House on to Half Moon Bay where my grandmother, aunt & uncle once lived, have tea at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, visit the Muir Woods Redwoods (about an hour north of San Francisco), and drive past -- you will notice I said "drive past"-- San Quentin State Prison--lots of stuff crammed into two days. But I have been nose deep in books, as always, and one of the ebooks I recently read was a fun book in the Erotica category. Thought some of you might enjoy this, or have already read it. Anyway, Here goes . . .
Romance author, Jenna Block, has been informed by her agent that her usual genre of "contemporary romance" novels are no longer welcome. In fact, the book she has just completed will not even be submitted to the publisher as her agent believes the market has changed and other kinds of romance novels are more popular and more likely to sell. Jenna, a native New Yorker, is taken aback by this sudden turn of events, knowing that her career and her livelihood are on the line. So she decides, in spite of knowing nothing about them, to write a romance novel based on the cowboy/rodeo scene.
Jenna watches a rodeo competition on TV and sees the bull riders in Kansas City. Hearing that the rodeo was next due in Oklahoma City, she decides to travel there and attempt to interview some of the participants to learn the lingo and get sufficient background to attempt to write a romance from that perspective. She turns up in the stands and is immediately spotted by Mustang Jackson, one-time Rookie of the Year, and a bull rider who is a true chick magnet on the circuit. He and his best friend Slade, #3 in the world, are known for their bedroom action but Slade is getting very weary of a different body in their bed, especially since lately they seem to have no memorable face or, in some instances, they don't even know the girl's name. Something about Jenna piques their interest and they immediately formulate a plan to "get to know her."
Get ready for some interesting dialogue, some hot menage sex with these three, and watching a jaded cowboy like Slade begin to discover that he can fall in love and not only that, he wants to. Mustang is another matter. He is still very happy to have a different girl in his bed every night. Nevertheless, Slade is his best friend and he wants him to be happy. The friendship between these two is part of the interest in this tale since it appears that these men are very different but their love of rodeo and their long acquaintance keeps them bonded. It is almost like they are family to one another.
This is a fun love story with all the heat one could want. There are lots of interesting characters in this story and some nice action in the rodeo arena as well. Jenna's journey of discovery about a world of which she has been blithely unaware before now forms the background but she not only learns much about the rodeo world and the life of "buckle bunnies," but she also makes some interesting discoveries about herself.
This is not going to be the greatest book you will ever read, but it is certainly a fun one. And if you like erotica and cowboys and threesomes, you will find it all here. I give this novel a 3.75 out of 5 rating.

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Tracy said...

When you were talking about SF on the phone I had no idea you and dad were going there. Duh! lol I hope you have a wonderful time. :)