Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Wednesday -- What's In The Ole Book Bag?

Well -- I finally found a graphic for this weekly column -- I wanted to find an actual book bag and found one that sort of says the way I feel. It has been a busy week in lots of ways and mostly I have been reading and reviewing Ellora's Cave ebooks for The Book Binge. Some of those reviews will show up on this blog either having not been used by The Book Binge or are posted after they run there. Why not get double good out of that writing? Or so it seems to me. I also have a stack of all kinds of other stuff that I have been reading and will need to get to, some are already published and some are new books that are due for publication in the near future.

Here are the Ellora's Cave ebooks I read this past seven days:
Black Seduction -- Lorie O'Clare
Bound By Sunlight -- KB Alan
Carnal Healing -- Virgbinia Reede
Dark Angel -- GA Hauser (started this last week and haven't finished it yet)
Dreamscaper Desires -- Lani Aames
Driven -- Jayne Rylon
Edge if Moonlight -- Stephanie Julian
Nice Girl Naughty -- Jan Springer

Other eBooks I have been reading:
Go Fetch -- Shelley Laurenston
Here Kitty Kitty -- Shelley Laurenston
Pack Territory/Were Chronicles 3 -- Crissy Smith

Books I am hoping to get to this coming week:
The Triumph of Deborah -- Eva Etzioni-Halevy (I really love stories about strong women)
Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake -- Sarah MacLean (have seen reviews of this but
have not gotten around to reading it yet)
Eyes of Crow -- Jeri Smith-Ready

So there it is -- the efforts of one week and the hopes for another. I really do go through the bags and boxes of books in my room, and I just kind of gravitate toward one or the other. Not a very organized way to do things but that's just what has always worked for me. I have been pushing myself to read some new kinds of books and new themes. I read a BDSM ebook this past week -- it's not really "me" but then there's no hurt in reading something once. I have to say it wasn't as offensive as I had thought it would be. Maybe I'll review it for this blog down the road a piece . . .
Good reading to all in the days ahead -- and if you "nose" out any really great books, leave a note and share. Can anyone every have too many good books?


Unknown said...

The Triumph of Deborah looks like a great read. I love strong women stories as well. Lately I've had my nose in non-fiction (I go back and forth) and have really enjoyed reading Julie Cohen's new one called, "Your Work, Your Life…Your Way." The book is such a fast read with great tips on priorities, boundaries, and self care. You should check it out!

Tracy said...

As I've said before, I think you'll really love Jeri Smith-Ready's Aspect of Crow Trilogy. Good stuff right there.

Dr J said...

Thanks, Audrey, for the tip -- I have had to read so many professional non-fiction books in the past 15 years or so that reading all this fictional stuff has been a good experience. But I am always interested in self-care . . . I don't think any of us are really very good at that!! Thanks so much for stopping by.