Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: Pack Enforcer by Crissy Smith -- A Short Story

This is another in Crissy Smith's series called "The Were Chronicles" and is a delightful short story. Since beginning to read paranormal romance about a year ago (and I never really thought I would like the vampire/shapeshifter/werewolf/were-whatever kind of stories), I have found that Smith's stories are as good as any I have read. They are definitely a part of the erotic genre, but then I have found that most werewolf-based novels & stories have lots of that content -- wolves really don't appear to have the sexual hang-ups that most humans do

Anyway, there have been killings of werewolf females throughout the country, and Emily Black is a werewolf female living on her own as she seeks to finish her university education. She is summoned by her Alpha to return to pack territory in the belief that she will not be targeted. So far no females have been attacked on their pack territory.

Cain is the pack enforcer and is dispatched to retrieve Emily from her distant home. There has been an attraction between Emily & Cain since long before Emily reached adulthood, and when she did, there was one encounter that almost got out of control. Since that time, Cain managed to ignore Emily who then managed to convince her Alpha to allow her to go off pack territory to go to the university. She assured him that if he called her home, she would be willing to come at his beck and call. So now the call has come and Cain, of all people, has been sent for her. It is an uncomfortable meeting, as both Cain and Emily are fully aware that the feelings they discovered in that encounter years before have not lessened to any degree. In spite of his outward dismissal of Emily, his actions still tell her that he is jeolous of any potential suitors for her favors.

Smith has crafted a tale that not only included the uneasy and bumpy progress of Emily & Cain's relationship, but there is also the conflict over who might be attacking Were females, a serious breach of Pack Law, not only in the human realm, but because all pack females are protected beyond any other pack members. To have this continued criminal activity is to engage all the packs throughout the country. Smith crams lots of action into this story to make it interesting almost to the nail-biting stage. This like all of her stories that I have read, have literary worth as well as emotional content to satisfy most readers.

There are lots of folks who do not necessarily like short stories. But I find that those which are well-written are just as satisfying as longer, more complicated novels. And as one who just likes to read--period--(I used to read the cereal boxes while I was eating breakfast) I like all forms of fiction, especially those that are written by authors who know how to tell a very good story.

So I recommend this as a worthy continuation of her Were Chronicles, and give it a rating of 4.25 out of 5.


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I a glad that you dabbled into this genre and that you are liking it Dr. =) Your review is very good and makes me go on the "hunt," lol!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Dr J said...

Thanks, Cecile-- I look back on all the kinds of books Tracy has introduced into my experience and I sort of say to myself: "Who would have thunk it?" Always glad to have you stop by . . .

And blessings to you and yours . . .

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I may not always comment, but I already read what your post are about. What you read is very intriguing to me!

It is amazing what we gather from other people to read. Looking back... I am like... I actually read that... and LIKED it, lmbo!

Thanks for the blessings!