Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: Man of Her Dreams -- by Paige Warren

Sienna Blake is a beautiful, Rubenesque, single gal who loves life, who has come to Southern California to be near the ocean and the sunshine, who loves walking on the beach, and who is almost too lonely to even think about it. She is convinced that the reason it has been so long since she has had a date -- eons since she has had a sexual encounter -- is due to her curves and generous proportions. Her best friend Robert, a straight man who truly loves her as a friend, tries to build up her self-esteem and confidence, and wants her to find someone who will really help her to be honest about the winsome and enticing qualities she could bring to any relationship.

Logan Drake is a multi-millionaire book store chain owner who lives just down the beach from Sienna and has been the object of her erotic dreams off and on for a long time. She is unaware that he is an almost-neighbor. She has a degree in library science, works as a reference librarian in the local library, and as such is a book nut. Because of this she has been in a number of Logan's book stores, everyone being decorated with a different international theme. On a moonlit night, after a lonely evening with a romance DVD and a half-gallon of chocolate ice cream, Sienna ventures onto the beach for a quiet walk, believing that she will most likely be the only one there. Wrong! Logan is walking toward her and their encounter is quiet because Sienna is tongue-tied and Logan is nearly struck dumb with her quiet beauty. He wants to see her again but walks away hoping for another future opportunity.

Friend Robert arranges to take Sienna to the latest Logan Drake story opening, completely unaware that she and Logan have met. When Logan saw Sienna in his new store, he takes the opportunity to ask her to dinner, and their romance is launched.

This is not you terribly complicated love story. Logan is well known throughout the So. California celebrity world, but he is so taken with Sienna's easy way, her body which is not the usual fashion model skin and bones, and her open honesty about her feelings and about life in general. It is obvious that she is not out to impress him, that her responses to him are genuine and not calculated to ensnare him. He can't believe his good fortune. This story is about the emergence of a truly beautiful woman who has been castigated and worn down by a society that values Size 2 and not real women. I love the part where Logan has the thought that he would love to smash his fist into the faces of the men Sienna has dated, the ones who have made her feel fat and inadequate.

This is a story that celebrates real women--all of us who spend most of our lives sorrowing over our normal proportions and striving to lose that illusive 10 pounds that is going to make us desirable and sexy. Sienna learns, as must we all, that there are lots of people who love us for ourselves. Robert, her dearest friend, is her protector, her confidant, the man who loves women and knows what men love, too. He is there to help her find the most flattering outfits for her dates, encourages her when her self-doubts nearly upend the relationship with Logan, realizes that he could easily become sexually attracted to Sienna if he didn't treasure their friendship as he does. What a neat guy!!

And I love Logan! He's a man who finds what he wants and is not influenced by the social perspective that has been so unkind to women like Sienna. He stands up for her, protects her from catty women who would like Logan for themselves and are hurtful to "the competition"--emotional predators who want Logan for money and prestige and the joy of the conquest. Logan will have none of it. I like to believe there are real people who are genuine and caring in this way.

This is a fun read and worth the time. It is romantic, fun, warm, with its share of those great erotic encounters that make us all glow. This is the kind of book I like to read curled up in my favorite chair and know that when I get done I can say to myself: "I really liked that book!" I give this book a 3.75 out of 5.

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Tracy said...

Fun, romantic and warm - you sold me! :)