Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's in the Ole Book Bag this Wednesday?

Hard to believe it is Wednesday again already and as always I am surrounded with print books as well as a plethora of eBooks that I am reading and reviewing for The Book Binge. As always it is a fun variety -- paranormal, erotica, historical . . . whatever anyone throughs through the door, and to make matters even more interesting, I also brought home another bag 0' books from my daughter. Must be the "mother's day" effect. BTW, hope all you moms had a great day this past Sunday and were able to spend some quality time with some, if not all, your offspring. Two of mine are way far away in Missouri and Alabama, but it was a good day and I heard from almost all my grandkids as well. So here's what got read this past week:

From Ellora's Cave (for the Book Binge)
Beautiful Stranger by Katalina Leon
First Knight by Delilah Devlin
Hot on Her Tail by Ruth D. Kerce
Kidnapping the Groom by Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer
Roped and Branded by KyAn Waters
Rough Edges by Ashlynn Pierce
Undercover Heat by Judy Mays

Also some other shorts:
Pack Enforcer by Crissy Smith
Man of Her Dreams by Paige Warren
Exposed by Megan Ziese
Coming Back by M. King
The Homecoming by Patricia Pellicane
Soldier's Woman by Megan Zeise

Some longer ebooks:
Pack Challenge by Shelley Laurenston
Summer Storm by Marilyn Lee

Actual Print Books:
Velvet Haven by Sophie Renwick (The Book Binge)
Set The Dark On Fire by Jill Sorenson
Sinful Surrender by Beverley Kendall

Soooooo . . . it has been pretty much an eBook week. Even with hubby pretty much recovered from the heart surgery, there are still doctor visits and waiting rooms which then brings our the ole eReader. Hope you are all enjoying the coming of Spring, all the wonderful books that are coming off the press, as well as tons and tons of wonderful books already "out there" that make all our eyes light up and our perverbial literary mouths water.

Have a wonderful week and may your days be filled with satisfying reads.

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