Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday at The Ole Book Place -- What's in the Ole Book Bag?

I have missed this Wednesday post for a couple of weeks -- just like a blogging "newbie" to not yet be in the routine. Also had some upheavals at my house (see past posts) so am just now getting back into the swing of things. This past week as been quite a reading week -- just wanted to be sure I caught up with stuff for The Book Binge reviews -- quite a stack of books waiting for consideration -- as well as some that I have garnered at the bookstore and from my daughter's book shelf. She is the perverbial "Fountain of Pleasure" when it comes to satisfying my constant need and desire for more books. My hubby was really delighted to see the bag o'books I returned to her on Monday, but his face dropped visibly when he recognized that the stack in our bedroom was still of considerable size. Oh well . . . "for better or worse, for richer or poorer, with books or no books . . ." The marriage journey can be fraught with "ups and downs" don't you know!

I have listed just some of the books I have read in the past few days.

Ravishing in Red -- Madeline Hunter (for The Book Binge review which has now been posted)
Provocative in Pearls -- Madeline Hunter (another Book Binge review project)
Desire Me -- Robyn DeHart (a Book Binge book not yet reviewed -- will get that done soon)
Sons of Destiny -- Jean Johnson -- Books 4 through 8
Master of the Night -- Angela Knight -- books 3-5
Passionate Pleasures -- Bertrice Small (for The Book Binge Review)
The Dark Tide -- Josh Lanyon (review to come soon on this blog)

I've just started Velvet Haven -- Sophie Renwick
Brighter Than The Sun -- Julia Quinn
Everything And The Moon -- Julia Quinn
Set The Dark on Fire -- Jull Sorenson
Three Alarm Tenant -- Charlotte McClain
Cry of the Wolf -- Christine Warren

So it appears that I will have good stuff to read for a few days. Stop back by -- let me know what your nose is sniffing out book-wise. Always delighted to have you visit . . .

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