Monday, May 31, 2010

Review: Witch/Vamp/Were (Huntingdawn Series #2) by Anne Douglas

Shaun, the girl with the Goth clothes and make-up, the inveterate seeker after truth where vampires and ghosts are concerned, is once again on a crusade to prove that these paranormal life-forms really exist. He best friend Pearl was "accidentally" turned into a Were-bear and is expecting twin "cubs," and so proof that Werewolves et al is now off the "crusadea" list. Her "keeper" happens to be the Alpha of the Huntingdawn Pack, Rob Dedriekson, and he is tired of her insistent presence in Pack meetings, Pack affairs, and everything else in his life. Yet he feels a sense of protection that puzzles him.

Now he is going to "scare" Shaun into leaving her search for truth behind by bringing his real 400 year old vampire friend, Jakov Pieter, into a situation that is calculated to drive Shaun back to some sense of human normalcy. Little does either he or Jakov realize that the night they are stalking Shaun in the cemtery will be as life-changing for them as it will be for her.

Funny dialogue, colorful characters, cute story, interesting plot--all are a carry-over from book one in this series and seem to be characteristic of Douglas' writing style. The interaction between these three is adversarial, sexy, impatient, and driven by an ancient prophecy that seems to be coming true, thanks to them. So get this book and have a fun time reading, especially if you enjoy good paranormal romance, some romping sex, an a bit of menage de trois. I give this book a rating of 4.25 out of 5.

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Tracy said...

I really liked both of these books (speaking of previous review) as well. I was a little disappointed in this one as they didn't seem to work out all of their issues - they just decided to be together. But it worked. :)