Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's June 29th, and a Red Letter Launch Day!

Today is a very important day for two authors: Beth Williamson writing her inaugural novel Ruthless Heart as Emma Lang, and Lorelei James and her new novel Raising Kane.

Both these women are well-known writers of note, each having a long and varied list of fine novels and short stories that have pleased, entertained, and thrilled readers for a long time.

Beth Williamson is best known for her historical novels set in the "Old West" of the 19th century and now she is branching out into a new phase of her career under the pen name Emma Lang. You can read more about this new endeavor at http://www.bethwilliamson.com/ where you will find a large body of information about Beth's current releases and more about this new novel being released today. Beth also has the last book in her Devils on Horseback series available in ebook format now. If you have been following this series you have been waiting for "Lee's story."

Lorelei James has been well-known for her cowboy novels and especially her recent series set in Wyoming and featuring the McKay family--the brothers, the cousins, and all their wild ways, their loving and their goings-on. Ms James seems to have tapped into the very heart of this family that has been a part of the Wyoming scene for decades and whose love for the land and their ranches has sustained them through many a human crisis. You can read more about this fascinating woman as well as this latest release in the McKay family saga entitled Raising Kane at http://www.loreleijames.com/.

Both these books are available at a number of ebook sellers and I encourage you to seriously consider becoming the owner of one or both. If you have not read anything by these authors you are in for a treat!!


Lori said...

I am SO looking forward to these 2 books! Already downloaded Raising Kane, and Ruthless Heart is on the way as we speak. Yippee!

Dr J said...

Lori: I am right there with you!! I have been looking forward to this new James book, and downloaded the new Williamson book just a couple of days ago. These two writers are two of my all time favorite and I know we will all be delighted with these two. They just seem to have the knack of writing such consistent quality stories.

Tracy said...

I can't wait to read Raising Kane - I have no doubt it will be as good as all the other books in that series.

Beth Williamson said...

Hey Dr. J! Thank you so much for posting about RUTHLESS HEART. I'm thrilled to see it released and excited to step into the world as Emma Lang.
As for Lorelei, she's amazing. Couldn't love her more than I do.