Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday--It's Father's Day

Sunday around our house is hectic at best. There are, of course, the usual get up, get dressed, go to church, fellowship with friends, etc. Today, I am coming off of a really energizing gathering yesterday with a group of blogger colleagues that I am delighted to have met, thanks to my daughter. What a neat group of people! Went forth with empty hands in the morning and came home in the afternoon with MORE BOOKS!! Can life get any better?????

Today is Father's Day!! And I can't help remembering my own dad, a man who was large in stature as well as in spirit, a man who could laugh with gusto, frown in such a way that the Universe paused, and who could coo and purr when holding a baby. He loved my sister and me to distraction (second only to my mom), and he loved his grandkids. He was a great big North Dakota farmer with a great sense of the world. He was perfect in so many ways and flawed in so many ways as well, and I miss him a lot. I still think on him often and ask him to keep on praying for me and all the people I love. I am so happy he and my mom are back together now. He died when he was just 60 years old, and the years without him were very hard on my mom. The two happiest days in her life were the day she married him and the day she died and went to be with him again.

Now I look at my hubby of 51 years, dad to my kids and granddad to our grandchildren. Perfect in so many ways and flawed in others. I was thinking early this morning that when I was 19 (when we met) and he was 24, that age difference didn't matter much. Now it matters a lot, and with his recent close call--being just days away from a major heart attack--I guess I am more grateful than ever that he is still with us. We are having more fun now than ever--we laugh a lot and talk a lot, and we really are BFF.

So to all dads everywhere: Happy Father's Day. Until next time . . .

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Tracy said...

You've brought tears to my eyes. Such a nice thing to read about Grandpa and of course dad. They're both great men. A very nice post.