Saturday, June 12, 2010

It:s Saturday and I am awash with Computer Woes

Not the kind of woes that a crashing pc can induce -- rather, it is setting up a new one.  I have just acquired a refurbished Mac G4 and had to move it and set it up in my house.  Now I cannot speak for anyone else, but just looking at the jumble of wires behind most computers is daunting to say the least.  I just finally decided I had to wade in and get it done.  

It has become a *metaphor* for me -- the messes of life that just seem to sit in the background and which keep on plaguing me until I dive in and get them done.  

Saturdays are a mess for me anyway -- Sundays are big days at our house and just getting everything ready takes some energy.  Why I decided to do this today, I cannot say, other than my hubby got out the industrial wet/dry vac and started in on the room, moving furniture, and so forth.  How could I ignore that?  So I am here, typing on a keyboard that the computer does not recognize so all the apostrophes and things are all goofy and I am trying to write something someone else would like to read.  It is a good day for computer woes.

I am still wading through lots of novellas for reviewing at The Book Binge 
where I review regularly.  I am going on a train trip in about three weeks so am getting ready to load up my eReader for three days on the train to Minneapolis for a 8-day convention, so lots of ebooks are an absolute must.  I will also be taking a few print books which I will need to review as well.  

I missed the Wednesday *Ole Book Bag* --the day after Super Tuesday elections here in California where hubby and I are precinct coordinators for 9 precincts--a 16 hour day--so Wednesday came and went without an entry.  I have several book reviews I will be posting either tonight or tomorrow afternoon, hoping to have some interesting thoughts and books for your consideration.

Until then . . . thanks for stopping by.


Unknown said...

Good evening!
Because I LOVE you blog I've given you an award on my site - Hott Books come and check it out!

Tracy said...

I hate getting new computers for just this reason. Who knows where all that stuff goes? lol

Oh, now I have to go check out your award. Congrats!