Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, It's Monday Again . . .

Time is winding down and only two days until I board that Amtrak train for Portland, OR. But the books are not very far away. I have an eBookwise reader that is fully loaded, about six bags of print books that need to be read of which I will stuff some in the suitcases, but even as I get my and the hubby's clothes in the washer, I take a break to read a few paragraphs or write a short review -- so and so forth.

I just finished reading A Passion to Die For which I downloaded from Harlequin as one of their free reads. I really did enjoy it -- and I think it is well worth paying something for. Marilyn Pappano has written scads of books in a variety of genres and I really enjoyed this one because it was a romance -- a relationship of long standing that still wasn't going as well as it should; a past that insisted on showing up and disrupting people's lives; a hidden killer who was very manipulative, very skilled, and probably a serial killer; and a drop-dead gorgeous cop that wanted his girl forever and she just couldn't make that commitment. Love and suspense: what a combination. Beings as how I am almost always awake for about two hours in the middle of the night, I read this novel and found it quite engaging. I think the plot is probably not all that unusual, but the characters were interesting, the back story was certainly important to the outcome of the mystery, and the friends that formed the circle around the hero and heroine were interesting and were the kind of people I would have loved to have had around me at some point in my life.

So this experience has once again convinced me that not all "free" reads are just fluff--that there are some quality novels, short stories, and novellas to be enjoyed. It also re-affirms my long held conviction that even though Harlequin has been around for a long time, they still have people on their staff that recognize good writing and are not afraid to authorize its publication.

I really recommend this book -- not complicated or deep, but a very nice read and one that will entertain as it should.

Have a great week, whatever you do and wherever you may be. Until Next Time . . .

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