Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday at the Ole Book Bag

Actually, Wednesday is just about gone. Tried all day to get to the computer but hubby and granddaughters sort of planned my day up until now.

I have been awash with Ellora's Cave novellas, Quickies, etc for The Book Binge as well as trying to decide what print books to drag along on my upcoming journey. Today was a red-letter day for my reviews: All three of The Book Binge reviews were mine, and I was really surprised and pleased, especially as one was historical reading, one was inspirational, and one was erotic romance. All three were really good books. I have a couple of shopping bags of books to read for TBB as well as a bunch of bags and books that I have commandeered from my daughter's reading shelves. Add to those the books I brought home from my blogger get-together last week, and I am awash with books. It is a wonderful and blessed feeling. I sometimes don't know where to start, so I try to read those that need reviewing first and insert one or two for myself and for this blog. The truth is this: as long as I am surrounded with books I am basically a happy camper!

Some of the authors I hope to read in the coming days are Sarah McCarty, Vivian Arend, Jean Johnson, Shelley Laurenston, Beth Williamson, Emma Lang and more. I'll also be packing, getting stuff ready for some projects I have at work that need to go forward in my absence, and so on. So there's lots of stuff to get to. Next week at this time I will be on the train. Hopefully I can get an internet connection to keep you all up-to-date, not only on the travels but on some of the progress I am making through the myriads of books on my ereader as well as some of the print books I will have with me.

Until next time . . .

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